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Planned moving is smart moving. We know moving, from the first call to the last piece. Save money but most importantly save time.

Moving Truck

Rental Moving Truck Load/Unload

When renting a truck, the loading and unloading is the toughest part of your move, leave that burden to us, we have trained relocation specialists to serve you. Allowing you to turn your focus onto getting settled in. Call today and start informing yourself about the process.

Hybrid Move

Welcome to the era of the Hybrid Move. Let us provide you the knowledge and safety equipment to complete your move. Knowing where to start and what you cannot handle weight wise. D.I.Y moves always save money so this time, try a planned move that is on "your budget" and "your schedule".


Storage Services

Storage units are not all created equal. West Texas dust will wreak havoc through the smallest crack in the door. Let us help you protect your belongings. We believe that it is worth your time and money to get us to come help you clean and rearrange your existing unit. We can help consolidate your unit and help you spend less per month by down sizing. Spend a little now save lots in the long run.

Packing & Unpacking

The packing is the biggest part of any transfer. Choosing to do your own packing can save you money if you have the time. We understand the pack out and its importance in the process. If your "not packed" it will snowball the rest of the move. We can set you up with a plan that suites your budget.

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