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Tom Green County 1907 postal map
From Texas state map #2090
Courtesy Texas General Land Office

San Angelo is our home but we serve all of Texas.

Who we are...

​San Angelo Relocation started in early 2020, but our origins began in 1995 with a local van line. Our company has over 24 years of experience from training with professional packers and loaders, hitting the road learning the ins and outs of moving. Many aspects were covered during that time, from hiring crane operators in order to move enormous statues to the transportation of household goods into Alaska, all while being based out of our small west Texas city most people never heard of. We had so many wonderful experiences with customers and co-workers through out those years, but we realized there were issues that could've been avoided due to the lack of attention to detail.  Realizing this, we saw a need for major change on how the process was done. These fresh ideas at the time, were called..."Different". Communication and getting more involved with the customer to work on a new approach to a common problem, we discovered helping others understand the moving process was a rewarding value in itself. Out of that came the need for our company, wanting to expand on the knowledge of the moving industry to the customer, the new "Something Different" was born. Details in planned moving is Smart Moving, knowledge saves money and time. No matter who does your transfer, call us first, we'll have a plan that fits your needs. DO NOT let someone else's lack of attention to detail in their business schedule affect yours. 

Our Moving Process






Our Quality Guaranteed

We handle your belongings like they're our own. Our employees are properly trained to minimize damage to your property and dwelling. We strive to be extremely punctual, not to leave you waiting and feeling forgotten. We treat you like we would like to be treated. Your time is valuable, we're here not to waste it.

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